About Us

Young Me Moon – About Us

Young Me was created years ago by a group of teenagers who only wanted to create a website where they could share their own thoughts. As if they were only writing on their journals and diaries, they put their heart out on this site as well, sharing their regrets, their happiness when making a decision, or whatever they have in mind that they want to tell themselves even if it was a few days older, months or years. They were ready to say everything on their mind as long as it’s not harmful and offensive to the people who will see it.

As years passed, people started to get curious about the site and people of their age wanted to do just the same thing they did. And of course, these girls were more than happy to know that many wanted to share their own thoughts and ideas. They managed to improve their website as they grew older and created a place not just for their own but for others too. It was a good thing and is something that they were proud to do since people were glad about the website as well.

More years came and now, Young Me is the go-to website that people often visit whenever they like to or feel like sharing their regrets, their lessons, and thoughts about their past selves. It was an incredible thing to know that people were able to share what they wanted anonymously or not. The important thing was that everyone gets to pick up something and be inspired by other people through Young Me. Through this way, we’re not just able to say something to our selves but provide motivation and inspiration to others as well. We know it will be a great help to all of us and we will continue to run Young Me for everyone.