Young Me Moon - FAQs

Hello, I have been planning to post a message on your website but I still am not sure about it since I am wondering about something. Is it necessary to create an account before posting on your site or it’s not required?

Hi, thank you for sending us your question and for thinking about posting something on our website. An account is not needed when posting on our site so we assure you that you are not required to create one. You may post whatever you like, whenever you like, without the need of an account so feel free to do so. However, we must tell you that we’ll need your email and name for information.

Is it possible to post as many messages as I want?

Hi! Thank you so much for sending your message. We are happy to tell you that yes, you can post as many messages as you want.

Can a user remain anonymous for posting a message?

Hello, thank you for the question. Yes, a user can hide his/her identity if they want to. We do require an email but it won’t be shown to other people. It’s just needed to send you messages and notifications. And a name is required as well but you can just change it if you want.

Hello, I just wanted to ask something. Can I delete whatever I post if ever I need to or just in case?

Hi! Thank you for sending us your question. Yes, you may delete any post if ever you wanted to. Feel free to post but make sure to use polite language and keep it from being offensive so you won’t have to delete anything just in case.

Why is the website sometimes unavailable?

Hi, thanks for your question. We are sorry for those problems but that was due to maintenance issues. The website is not be available when we update.