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Josefina F.

I would like to say that this website is very helpful and interesting. It is also very inspiring since I get to pick up a lot of lessons from other people. It was actually saddening that we all have regrets in life but the good thing is that everyone can reflect on the past and learn something from it. Sharing it with everyone as well is a good thing since we learn from each other’s thoughts and mistakes without judging one another. I think it’s such a wonderful site and I hope that this will continue for a very long time.

Dana J.

Hi, Josefina! I love to agree with you. As a teenager, I sometimes make wrong decisions because I let my emotions get the best of me. Because of that, I tend to have a lot of regrets in the past that I am ashamed about. But actually, regret won’t do any good. If there’s something good about it, it’s the lessons from it. The site made me able to share my thoughts and reflect on the past like it did to other people. It was such a good thing since I get to learn about life and from the older people I get to know here. I wish Young Me would also stay for a very long time.

Cass G.

Hello, guys! I am from Young Me and I am happy to know that you guys appreciated the website. We are glad that you pick up a lot of good things from this place and that you share your thoughts with us as well. Don’t worry, we promise to keep this website going for as long as we can and improve it more. We hope that in the future, you will stay with us too.